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Lido Isle Buyer & Seller Testimonial
225 Via Orvieto and 214 Via San Remo

I just sat down to write this from our family’s new home on Lido Island. I feel so privileged and fortunate to be here and that is, in large part, because of Jon Flagg, about whom I cannot say enough amazing things.

A couple years ago, we tried to sell our Lido home in a very different market and, in perfect hindsight, without a solid plan in place. The pandemic hit, we were carrying two houses and we were stuck in a very frustrating situation. Then Jon Flagg got involved. He saved us by finding tenants to rent our home in the short-term…Then we made the joint decision to move back into our home and take it off the market. After that whole process, we got to know Jon well and he got to know and understand our ultimate goals.

After Jon no longer had our home to sell, he did not go away. If we had a question about the market or another property, he would answer right away. He always seemed to answer as a friend or mentor and never in a “salesy” way, as though there could be something in it for him. And there were times when he’d respond, “Sorry if I go dark for a while. I’m on a ride (or paddle or walking into an open house, etc).” Then, we’d hear back in 20 minutes or less with the answer to my very unimportant question about some minor detail. There were times when he’d reach out to us too. And, of course, we saw Jon out-and-about, on Lido because we were neighbors and friends….Always enjoying all that the island has to offer.

A few months ago, Jon had an idea for us. He had an off-market property that, not only fit the description of what we ultimately wanted, but exceeded it. He asked us if we wanted to give selling our house another shot. It all seemed a little overwhelming and like the stars would really have to align for it to all work… But we figured that, with Jon working with us, the dream could become a reality. We almost immediately went into escrow on selling our home (for a much higher ask price than before). Then we figured out how to snag the replacement property with Jon’s efforts and solid guidance.

What stands out the most about our entire real estate transaction with Jon is that he could have easily presented his off-market opportunity to anyone. But instead, he chose to give us a shot at it and guided us through every grueling twist and turn of the escrow process. He likely spent so much more time on our deal than he has on his 7 figure deals.

Secondly, it's Jon’s ethics, loyalty and trustworthiness that made for such a positive experience. When faced with a tough decision, we could trust that Jon’s experience and honest and great intentions would steer us on the right course. It is said that a Real Estate Agent “represents” you and we truly felt represented during the entire process. And Jon’s trust and loyalty hadn’t only been earned by us. At every step, each individual who became involved (from the Inspector, to the other Escrow Agent to the Locksmith who made our new keys) truly respected Jon Flagg and would do their best work for him. It just made the whole experience feel good.

I grew up on Lido when Jon Flagg was the Tennis Pro. In a recent conversation, Jon said that “I came from teaching Tennis so every deal feels like Wimbledon”. I don’t need to tell you that this guy can make HUGE deals happen. That proof is in his “recent sales activity”. I am so impressed by the humble nature of our real estate rockstar and honored that HE wanted to work with US. I kind of feel like we just WON Wimbledon with Jon as our doubles partner!

Lido Island is such a special place. The market is crazy and we all know that people will always pay top dollar to live here. As long as Jon is the main person helping people’s dreams of living here a reality, I think Lido will remain the gem of Newport Beach. If you want to buy or sell a home on Lido (or anywhere, really) and if you want to put your trust into someone who’ll have your best interest and goals in mind, I highly recommend you give Jon Flagg a call. If you’re not already friends with Jon, you probably will become one. Oh and Jon’s son, Kyle, is working with him and he takes after his Father so we know we’re in great hands with the Flaggs for years to come.

Jon, we cannot thank you enough.